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    Scar Correction and Treatment

Scar Revision in Abu Dhabi

Scar revision
Unattractive scars can be red, wide, raised, sunken and cause distortion to parts of your face. If located over joints movement can be limited due to scar contracture.
An unsightly scar is also a permanent reminder of the traumatic experience that caused it.

Treatment options
Elevated scars can be treated with resurfacing with dermabrasio. Hyperpigmented, dark scars respond well to Laser therapy. For most of the other wide, deep or contracted scars Dr.Reuter will perform an operative revision under local anesthesia. This will remove the old scar, rotate healthy skin or change re-position the new scar in less conspicuous areas.

Large scarred areas as after burn or trauma can only be improved with expanding healthy skin with a baloon (skin expander) and later shifting it to cover the excised old scar.
Skin or microvascular free flaps are reserved for the most severe scar contractures.

It is paramount to follow Dr.Reuter's scar prevention protocol consisting of both oral medication, special dressing and ointments. Sun exposure has to be avoided for up to 12 months.

Facial injuries
Trauma can result in disruption of the skin and muscle layers in the form of lacerations, deep abrasions and tears. Deeper injuries may involve tendons, blood vessels and nerves.

External injuries to the skin are obvious, but the depth and severity of the injury may not be. With the valuation of the wound and assessment of color, sensation and function, the Plastic Surgeon distinguishes superficial from deep injuries.

  • Abrasions are treated with cleansing and topical application of antibiotic ointment or special silver dressings.
  • Small superficial lacerations may be closed with adhesive strips or a skin adhesive.
  • Deep lacerations generally require repair of nerves, vessels, tendons, and muscles prior to skin closure.
  • Tissue defects may require skin grafts or more sophisticated flap reconstruction.

For acute injuries please call the clinic immediately to arrange for anaesthesia and operation room booking.