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    Arm Lift Surgery


What is brachioplasty?
Also known as arm lift the procedure tightens loose, sagging skin and removes fat deposits in the upper arm, the so called "bat wing deformity".

abu dhabi plastic surgery arm liftAre You a good candidate?
If you are in good health and can accept a long scar on the inner side of your upper arm.
Sometimes a smaller incision in the axilla will be sufficient.
During the consultation Dr. Reuter will address your concerns and see if your goals can be achieved safely.

How is the operation performed?
Before the operation the excess skin is marked while standing. If fat deposits are present around the arm liposuction is necessary to really achieve a slimmer arm. After this the hanging skin is removed and a small drain inserted. Pressure garment is applied immediately.
Depending on the patient either General Anesthesia or local Anesthesia with Sedation is advised.

What is the aftercare?
You may leave the clinic the same day provided you can arrange for someone to help you out for 1-2 days. Compression garments are needed for 3-4 weeks to keep tension from the incision. Aerobic exercises are possible after 2-3 weeks.
It is important to follow the detailed written instructions from your surgeon and to attend all follow-up appointments.

What is the cost of Arm lift?

Arm lift prices range from 25-35.000 AED all inclusive depending on complexity of the case and if additional liposuction or J-Plasma is advised.