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    Chin and Neck Lift or Reduction

Chin & Neck Surgery in Abu Dhabi

A sharp contour of the jawline is a sign of youth in every culture. Many genetic factor such as size of the chin and muscles of the neck influence the neck profile. In addition with ageing the sagging of cheeks over the mandible and development of wrinkles and fat deposits in the neck are often seen.

A full neck can make you look fatter and older than your actual age. Vertical wrinkles form the so called "turkey neck".

For each of these problems Dr.Reuter can offer you a tailor-made solution:


You are a good candidate if your main issue is fat deposits on the neck and not skin folds. Under local anesthesia a 3 mm incision is placed under the chin for insertion of the canulas. An excellent knowledge of the surgical anatomy will avoid damage to nerves and vessels.
At the end of the procedure a special compressive dressing is applied. Wearing this continuously for one week will support the skin tightening.
Results are often amazing and continue to improve over 2-3 moth with reduction of swelling.

Platysma neck lift

Corrects the folds in the anterior aspect of the neck.With no skin excission only the platysma muscles are pulled tight and the vertical folds disapear. It might be combined with a SMAS facelift.

SMAS neck lift

This is the most powerful procedure capable of addressing skin, fat excess and muscle laxity. The SMAS muscle/fat layer weigh on your skin pulling it down.over the years. A small incision under the neck allows for correction of the subcutaneus muscles. The SMAS is then tightened through an incision around the lower part of the ear.

The results on the contour of the neck are quiet amazing, making it more beautiful and younger looking.

Possible complications
As for any operation there is the possibility of bleeding , infection, delayed healing and nerve injury. Complications are not medical errors but undesired consequences of an operation. By choosing an experienced board certified Plastic Surgeon and by adhering to the pre- and postoperative recommendations you can minimize these risks.

Chin Enlargement

Chin Augmentation is an operation to improve the facial profile if you have a receding chin. This normally is achieved by creating a pocket in front of your “chin bone” into which an implant is placed. The incision or approach for making the pocket can be inside your lower lip or under your chin.

Each approach has advantages. The most obvious advantage of making the incision inside the mouth is that there is no visible scar. The advantage of making the incision under the chin is that the best placement of the implant is easier to achieve.
If only a moderate chin enlargement is needed lipo-structuring with your own fat can sculpture a more prominent chin.