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    Thigh Lift Surgery

Thigh Lift in Abu Dhabi

abu dhabi plastic srugery thigh liftThigh lift is an operation to remove fat and skin from the upper legs. It is often combined with Laser Liposuction to tighten the skin further.
Immediately after the thigh lift many patients experience an improvement in their self-esteem, finding it easier to find fitting clothes and are more comfortable at the gym and around the pool.


Dr. Reuter will inquire about your medical history and assess the amount of your skin/fat excess. This will determine which procedure is best for you. For mild conditions a combination of Laser liposuction and minimal incision might be sufficient.
Severe conditions with hanging skin after massive weight loss with poor skin quality and might require a circumferential lift.
Your motivations, questions and priorities as well as advantages and disadvantages of different techniques will be discussed.

After marking while in a standing position you will be under sleep in general anesthesia. In the next 2 hours the incisions are made and excess skin and fat removed. Small drains are placed to remove any fluid accumulations. The incisions are then closed in multiple layers to minimize traction on the scar. No suture removal is needed. Pressure garment are placed over your thigh to reduce swelling and to support healing.


During your inpatient stay you will start moving to prevent the formation of clots and take prophylactic antibiotics. After discharge you will need to be taken home by a friend. For out of town patients we can arrange a hotel at corporate rates as well as a duty nurse for care.

After 3 weeks light physical activity is possible and encouraged. You will be given written instructions about the details of aftercare, scar treatment and your scheduled follow-up. Dr. Reuter will give you his cell number and can be personally reached 24 hours a day.