• abu dhabi eye lid surgery
    Upper and Lower Eye Lid

Upper & Lower Eyelid Surgery in Abu Dhabi

You are a good candidate if you:

  • Have sagging skin creating folds in your upper eyelids or impair peripheral vision
  • Bags under the eyes
  • Wrinkles of the lower eyelid
  • Dropping lower eyelids showing white under the Iris
  • Understand the role of eyebrow and cheeks for eyelid rejuvenation

Is one of the most common Plastic Surgery procedures performed by Dr. Reuter. Under local anesthesia the incision is placed in the crease of the upper eyelid. An elliptical area of excess skin is removed. Depending on patients condition varying amount of fat, muscle are removed. The wound is than closed with fast resorbing sutures. If necessary a brow lift can be performed through the same incision.
A friend or relative who takes care of you for the next day can pick you up one hour after surgery. During the first day it is essential to apply cold packs in order to avoid swelling and bruising.
Sunglasses will protect the eyes from UV radiation and wind exposure in the first weeks.

Involves a skin incision directly under the lash line to remove or rearrange fat pads under the eyes. If the lower eyelid is loose a tightening procedure (canthopexy) is done at the same time. Under sedation from the approach a mid-face lift can be performed to rejuvenate the lid-cheek junction. The incisions and resection can also be done with LASER.
In case no extra skin needs to be removed an intraconjunctival approach from the inside of the lower eyebrow can be chosen. Dr. Reuter chooses this option often in men with few eyelashes.


After a thorough medical and surgical history Dr. Reuter will examine the perorbital area and discuss the single areas as marked in the photo above. These different aspects have to be balanced to achieve younger, open and less tired looking eyes. It is very helpful if you bring old photos from your face to plan the operation. Anatomy of eyes differ with gender and race and the operation has to be individually planned.

Price of blepharoplasty in UAE Amaryllis clinic is 12-16000 Dirham