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    Breast Surgery - Reduction

Taking off the burden of too large breasts

Breast reduction is reshaping and reducing the weight of breasts. Normally also the areolas are large and are reduced at the same time. Your breast will be smaller and firmer. Due to the dramatic change you will enjoy playing sports and wearing new clothes.

Breast reduction patients show the highest satisfaction compared to other cosmetic procedures.

According to the amount of excess skin, weight and sagging (ptosis) we choose between 4 different operation techniques to achieve a natural, long lasting result.

You are a good candidate if:

  • Your breast are heavy and cause chronic neck pain
  • The bra straps leave marks on the shoulders
  • Making Sport/Running is difficult
  • You have skin irritations under the breast
  • You feel embarrassed from the size of your breast
  • Huge breast make you look fat and difficult to find clothes

Consultation and Preparing for Surgery
You will talk about your medical history, specifically about conditions affecting your breast. Your breast size and position of areola are measured. A baseline mammogram or breast ultrasound is recommended. Based on your expectations, desired new Bra size we will choose from these different breast reduction techniques.


1. Circumareolar (Benelli) technique

Leaves a scar only around the areola. It is limited to smaller reductions and requieres good skin quality. The position of the areola can also be lifted only slightly. It is often combined with liposuction.

2. T-shaped Incision (Inferior based Pedicle)

80-90% of Surgeons prefer this tecnique with incision around the areol, and an inverted T under the breast. This is suitable also for extremly big breasts (gigantomastia). It is a safe procedure. Due to the fact that less inside breast shapening is involved the results relay heavily on the skin and sagging breast are often seen after a few years. Dr. Reuter places extra "internal bra" permanent sutures to give more support and advice to wear a supportive bra for longer time.

3. Short scar breast lift (Lejour tecnique)

Leaves only a scar around and straight under the areola. Internally the sagging breast is shaped to a round "implant like" shape. It is a good operation for healthy, non smoker patients. Initially the new breast are placed high to reach there final position with properly located inframammary fold. This process allows also for stretching of normal skin excess in the lower part of the incision. In big breast with lot of skin excess the incision might be still possible. A small lateral incision ( lolly pop) is added. Reviewing our patients after 10 years and more showed that the Lejour tecnique is superior in mantaing breast projection and position.

4. Horizontal Scar Breast Reduction

Is a relativly new reduction operation best for very big breast with low positioned areola. Here as always we find the scar around the areola. The second scar is placed horizontaly in the breast fold.
This might be the best choice if you had big breast before weight loss or during pregnancy/breast feeding.
The hidden scar is great, but gives the surgeon less freedom for a high projection (brest hight viewed from the side).
It can idealy be combined to resect also a skin fold in the lateral upper chest.

For your comfort we include a one night stay in our clinic. You will be encouraged to walk the same day and wear a supportive bra for 4-6 weeks . During this time sport is limited to certain exercises.

The results of the breast lift are immediatly visible and long lasting.

Breast reduction is a tailor made solution. We need to discuss before and after pictures, expectation and procedure in detail to allow you to make the right decision.

How much is breast lift in UAE with our German Plastic Surgeons? range cost of Breast reduction is 40000 AED. Many insurances cover the cost of breast reduction!