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Rhinoplasty in Abu Dhabi

What is Rhinoplasty?
Rhinoplasty can reduce or increase the size of your nose and change the shape of your nose. It may also help relieve some breathing problems. Rhinoplasty can enhance your appearance and your self-confidence, but it won't necessarily change your looks to match somebodies else, or cause other people to treat you in a different way.

The best candidates for rhinoplasty are people who are looking for improvement, not perfection of their looks.

With the exception of trauma cases teenagers should be operated until after they've completed their growth spurt.

How is the procedure performed?
Rhinoplasty can be performed under local or general anesthesia, depending on the extent of the procedure and on what you and your surgeon prefer. With local anesthesia, you'll usually be lightly sedated.

During surgery the skin of the nose is separated from the underlying framework. Bone and cartilage is then sculpted to the desired shape. The nature of the sculpting will depend on your problem as discussed during your consultation. Finally, the skin is re-draped over the new framework.

Dr. Reuter nearly always makes the incision inside the nostrils. In difficult or correction cases a small incision across the columella, the vertical strip of tissue separating the nostrils is needed.

When the surgery is complete, a splint is applied to help your nose maintain its new shape.

When rhinoplasty is performed by a qualified plastic surgeon the following complications are infrequent and usually minor: Infection, nosebleed, or a reaction to the anesthesia. You can reduce your risks by closely following your surgeon's instructions both before and after surgery.

What is the aftercare?
You'll notice that the bruising under your eyes will increase at first, reaching a peak after two or three days. Applying cold compresses will reduce this swelling and make you feel a bit better. In any case, you'll feel a lot better than you look. Most of the swelling and bruising should disappear within two weeks and pain is minimal.

You should keep your splint, avoid smoking and putting glasses. Healing is a slow process and subtle swelling may be present for months, especially in the tip. The final results of rhinoplasty may not be apparent for up to a year.

Most rhinoplasty patients are up and about within two days, and able to return to work within one week. Sport should be avoided for 3-4 weeks.

Avoid hitting or rubbing your nose and excessive sun exposure for eight weeks.

How much is a nose job in UAE Amaryllis German Clinic? Price range all inclusive is 20-40,000 AED depending on complexity and need of grafts