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Botulinum Treatments in Abu Dhabi

Botulinum Treatments in Abu Dhabi, provided by Dr. Chris Reuter. Only original American Botulinum is used for safe and lasting results in our cosmetic clinic.

How does Botulinum work?
Botulinum relaxes the facial muscles and the overlaying wrinkles are erased or diminished. With an expert knowledge of facial anatomy selective muscles can be blocked and effects such as eyebrow, nose or angle of mouth lift can be achieved. The most common treated areas are frown line (glabella) and crows feet (canthal rhytids).

When does Botulinum start to work and how long does it last?
Effects are seen after 4-7 days and maximum benefit after 2 weeks. It is not a permanent solution for wrinkles, but the effects for many patients are quite dramatic. Results depending on area injected last for 4-6 month. When you notice a fading of the effects you may choose to make an appointment with Dr. Reuter. If done regularly, later 2 sessions a year are sufficient.

Can BOTOX© replace surgery?
Botulinum is indicated only for certain areas of the face and being non permanent cannot be a substitute for surgery. It can give you an idea of how a long lasting result after eyelid surgery or a facelift might look. If Botox© treatments are performed in regular intervals a forehead lift can often be avoided.

Does Botox© stop excessive underarm sweating?
Heavy sweating (hyperhidrosis) is a very real and embarrassing condition. Topical antiperspirants often do not work and cannot stop the bad smell. Within 4 weeks Botox© will significantly reduce sweating for up to 200 days. A permanent alternative is the removal of sweat glands through a small incision in the axilla under local anaesthesia.

What is Botulinum jaw reduction?
It's a technique to reduce the width of a wide jawline. Especially in women and in Asians reducing the appearance of a wide jawline helps to create an improved facial harmony and elevate one's attractiveness. You might be a good candidate if when biting down hard your jaw muscle (masseter) feels enlarged and rock hard. Dr. Reuter carefully evaluates your face and marks the muscle for precise, symmetric results. After injection the volume of the masseter is reduced over time with visible results after 3 weeks. The overall look over the lower face changes from square/masculine to more triangular/feminine. Results last between 6-12 month depending on individual factors such as muscle volume and grinding teeth (bruxism).


Is an innovative procedure performed by very few doctors targeting the sweat and oil glands (sebaceus glands) in the skin. The weakening of the glands makes the skin look delicate, pore less and tighter. The tiny injections are performed intradermaly and do not affect the mimic muscles. Very little to no discomfort is associated.

It may also be a good solution for patients suffering from acne and rosacea stopping excessive oil production. Ideally it is performed after conventional deep Botulinum or in combination with Fraxel to give a smooth TV celebrity skin. Good areas are oily foreheads or cheeks with large pore size. The action is seen after 4-7 days and lasts up to half a year.


Botulinum injections - Prices

Eyes: start from AED 1,000
Frown lines: start from AED 1,000
Forehead: start from AED 1,000
Front plus eyes: start from AED 1,800
Upper far with eyes: start from  AED 1,800
Neck: start from AED 1,800
Face and neck: AED 2,500
Nefretiti lift: start fromAED 2,500
Axilla or Hands (for excessive sweating): AED 30 per unit


Botulinum Cosmetic is a registered trademark of Allergen, Inc