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    Turn Back Your Age Clock

Facelift in Abu Dhabi


A facelift can reverse the tell-tale signs of aging: A tired and worn face with deep wrinkles, hollow cheeks, jowls and drooping neck.

Long lasting results are achieved by returning the SMAS (muscle and fat layer) to a more youthful position. This avoids a pulled look and maintains normal hairline and sideburns. It is often combined with additional procedures if needed, such as eyelid rejuvenation or fat transfer.

There is a number of ways Dr. Reuter can perform a facelift:


is a procedure treating the superficial as well as the underlying tissue of the face and neck to provide a deeper correction than traditional lifts.


is the most extensive lifting procedure through incisions hidden in the hairline. It gives dramatic particularly in the older patients.


is ideal for younger patients for rejuvenation of the upper face. It has a short scar which does not extend into the hairline.


restores the volume of a hollow mid-face and reduces deep naso-labial folds.


Also called "soft or scarless lift" is performed by using slowly resorbable threads. You might be a good candidate if your skin is firm and overall you did not reach the stage for a full facelift. The results are long lasting for an eyebrow lift and up yo 2 years for the more mobile lower face. It is essential to know the surgical anatomy of the underlying muscles, the vectors for lifting and strong anchor points. Advantages are:

  • No incision
  • Local anesthesia
  • Minimal or no pain
  • No down time
  • Immediate results


As a consequence of aging the facial skin and underlying tissues descend. The sagging of the cheek (malar) fat pad has 2 effects:

  • Creation of hollowness under the eyes
  • Creation of naso-labial folds

Gravity causes also the descent of the platysma muscle which covers the lower face and neck with

  • Formation of the jowl
  • Sagging and bands on the neck

In addition a visible change is deflation of the face due to loss of bone, muscle and fat: The face shape becomes more angled, lips thinner and wrinkles build over the deflated areas.

Not every face ages the same in each area. Minor changes can be hidden well with Botox© and Filler injections.

If instead in front of a mirror you can mimic a lift with shifting skin with your hands and you like the result it might be the right moment for a facelift.

The decision to have a facelift is a very important one and Dr. Reuter will help analyzing your concerns and choosing the right procedure which will "not stop the clock but turn it back"
What are the scars?

A facelift performed by Dr. Reuter will have no or hardly visible scars. This is because the incisions are placed in natural creases, behind the tragus and in the hairline. The most common reason for visible scars is a wide scar. This formes if tension is applied on the skin. Dr. Reuter places the tension on the deep tissues and the skin closure is meticulous and tension-free.

We strongly advice that you quit smoking at least 3 weeks before surgery. Stop taking Aspirin and similar drugs affecting bleeding 10 days prior to the procedure.

And after Surgery
Make sure that you get pleanty of rest and sleep on your back with 2 pillows. This reduces the risk of post-operative swelling or bleeding.
The treated area will be swollen and bruised the first week and you should plan your social activities accordingly. After one week you will be only wearing a light elastic bandage when you are at home.
During the first 2-3 weeks you must avoid forced lifting, pushing or bending over. In this period you should not chew intensively when eating solid food . This would put tension on the sutures.

Possible complications
Thanks to the excellent blood supply of the face complications after facelift are very uncommon and rarely serious. The main risks described are unsightly scars, infection, necrosis, asymmetry, damage to nerves and allergic reactions to drugs.

What is the price of face lift in Dubai and Abu Dhabi? Price range is 30-40000 Dirham depending on lifting technique and additional procedures such as microfat grafting.