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    Treatment Costs

Overview of procedures and pricing

We understand that cost is an important deciding factor for you. At amaryllis clinic, we're committed to providing the highest standards of clinical excellence and patient care and this is reflected in our transparent pricing structure.

All procedures and anesthesia are performed exclusively by German Doctors with more than 10 years experience at senior consultant level.

Equipment, BOTOX, Fillers and Breast Implants are from market leading companies with FDA or CE certification.


BOTOX® Cosmetic

Eyes: start from AED 1000
Frown lines: start from AED 1000
Forehead: start from AED 1000
Upper faCE with eyes : AED 1800
Neck: start from  AED 1800
Face and neck: start from AED 2500
Nefretiti lift: start from AED 2500
Axilla or Hands (for excessive sweating): 30 AED per unit

Juvederm Ultra® 2: AED 1800 (1 mL syringe)
Juvederm Ultra® 3 or 4: start from AED 1800 (1 mL syringe)
Juvederm Voluma®  (for cheek augmentation): start from AED 3000 (2 syringes)
Perlane®:start from AED 1800  (1 mL syringe)
Restylane: start from AED 1800

Mesotherapy (Hair growth/facial rejuvenation/whitening):

start from  AED 700 per vial - 4 sessions: start from 2000 AED

PRP enhanced with MESO: start from  AED 1400
PRF PURE: start from AED 1300
Spider vein vein sclerotherapy: start from AED 500 per ampule

Injectable treatments can be done in our clinic on Marina village office by appointment, and you may be able to come in on the same day you call! We reserve time in our schedule each week for fillers and Botox appointments. We can also see you during your lunch break, or in the evening on certain days of the week. Call +971566401128 to check availability. If you are not sure what rejuvenation procedure is best for you, please call Mrs. Hajar on +971566401128


Actual plastic surgery prices depend on your specific anatomy, operating time involved, surgical technique used, type of implants, and type of anesthesia.
At amaryllis clinic, you will be given a specific, individual fee quote at your free personal preconsultation. Our fee quotes are good for two months, which allows you time to think about it and plan ahead.

Fees include:
Surgeon’s fee (Board Certified Plastic Surgeon)
All visits before and after surgery
Operating room time and supplies
Postoperative accommodation in single Deluxe room
Anesthesia (Board Certified German Consultant Anesthesiologist)
Implants, bra, or liposuction garment

Book a free pre consultation with Mrs. Hajar (english and arabic) or contact us for more information about the desired procedure and individual fee quote.

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