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    Breast Surgery - Enlargement

You are a good breast augmentation candidate if:

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  • Your breasts are small for your body
  • Your breast lost volume after having children or loosing weight
  • One breast is bigger than the other
  • You want look better in clothes and swimwear

Life long aftercare and warranty with our implants
Operation complications (Infection, bleeding, capsule fibrosis)
FDA in long-term study did not find any link between silicone breast implants, connective tissue disease or reproductive problems

Dr. Reuter will take your medical history and inquire about previous operations and your motivation for seeking Plastic Surgery. After examining you we will choose together from 3 different skin incisions, 3 different position of implants under the breast and 44 different round or tear shaped implants.
Depending on the position of the implant the preference might go towards Saline or Gel filled Implants with either smooth or textured surface. Using seizer implants to position in your desired new size bra you will see what your results will be after the augmentation or fat grafting. After consultation you will be given a written estimate of the procedure cost and you might schedule for the operation. It is important that you fully understand the procedure and at no time you will be pressured to make a decision.


  • First 2 days keep arm movements to a minimum
  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol
  • Wear sports bra for 4 weeks day and night
  • After taking pain medication avoid driving for 24 hours
  • Follow a balanced diet

You will be given a detailed brochure about the postoperative care as well as Dr. Reuters cell number for any questions.

​Is a combination of liposuction to harvest microfat grafts mostly from the belly or legs and transfer to the breast. Correct filtering is essential to have a high rate of fat take rate.
We recommend fat grafting if you desire to increase one cup size and do not need to correct a sagging breast.
Breast augmentation is the second most popular cosmetic Surgery in US with almost 300.000 women operated in 2014.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) study shows that 96% of women would undergo the procedure again and that 93% were very satisfied or satisfied with the augmentation.

Price of breast augmentation in UAE Amaryllis clinic with US implants from Motiva is 28,000 AED all inclusive