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Face and ageing

Old school Plastic Surgery and Botox©-only-treatments address facial ageing concentrating purely on wrinkles. Although patients are satisfied to loose their wrinkles they actually look paralyzed and artificial.

Scientific research on facial ageing showed that it is not only wrinkles but a complex three dimensional phenomenon. Together with soft tissue sagging the face looses volume and becomes flatter. Lips are thinner and the overall face contour less round. In the lower face an excess of skin hangs over a previously sharp chin/neck line and gives the face a more squared or sad look. Gravity pulls the cheeks down and leaves deep folds running from nose to the angle of the mouth. Nose and earlobes become bigger and more hanging. Skin texture and color is changed due to UV light and degeneration of collagen. New MRI studies have shown that even facial bones are shrinking with age.

Not everyone ages in the same way and Dr. Reuter analyzes the different areas with patients to find the ideal solution ranging from natural fillers, to face and neck lift. Contrary to advertisements no single procedure can magically rejuvenate the face. Instead an expert combination of minor surgical and non-surgical interventions can give you the balanced, young and natural look.

If you are thinking about facial rejuvenation the following pages will give you a basic understanding of the procedures: