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    Male Breast Surgery
    جراحة الثدي للذكور

Male Breast Reduction in Abu Dhabi

abu dhabi plastic srugery male breastGynecomastia means "woman-like breasts" and the underlying cause is growth of glandular breast tissue. If the male breast is increased only due to fat we speak of Pseudogynecomastia.

Gynecomastia can have adverse psychological effects on men. During puberty the fear of being rejected might lead to retreat from social and athletic activities.

During consultation Dr. Reuter will take a detail History and examine the breast. Eventually ultrasound and blood investigations will be prescribed. According to the results the therapy is planned.

Men who drink alcoholic beverages in excess, or regularly smoke marijuana, should stop the use of these substances, as they may have caused their enlarged breasts. The same is true of anabolic steroids. Smoking should be stopped 2 weeks before surgery.

Depending on the size of the breast, pectoralis muscle and skin quality Dr. Reuter will discuss different choices with you:

Is a good choice for Pseudogynecomastia to remove mostly fat. Good skin elasticity is paramount

A short incision under the nipple is used to remove excess breast tissue. If the size of the nipple/areola needs to be reduced the incision will be around the nipple.

When the breast is big or has a big amount of excess skin (after major weight loss) an additional incision straight under the nipple will be necessary. This allows to lift the hanging nipple to its proper position.

You should rest 2-3 days avoid to raise your arms over the shoulders. A compression shirt will help to avoid fluid accumulations and help with the redraping of the skin to the smaller size. A booklet will give you detailed recommendations for the aftercare.

Choosing a Board certified plastic surgeon will reduce your risk of skin injury, bleeding and fluid accumulations. Complications such as as asymmetry and nipple retraction can be reduced with proper planing and experience. Temporary loss of sensation or numbness is frequent and keloids may occurs if there is a predisposition.

abu dhabi plastic srugery male breast reduction 1CAUSES OF GYNECOMASTIA

  • Genetic
  • Obesity/weight loss
  • Hormonal changes
  • Drugs (antidepressants, cortison...)
  • Cirrosis of the liver
  • Kidney failure
  • Cancer (1%)

What is the price of Gynecomastia Surgery ? Cost is from 20000-35000 depending on the need of of lift and liposuction.