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Body Lift in Abu Dhabi

abu dhabi plastic surgery body liftThe last decade has increased the popularity of gastric bypass operations. The massive fast weight loss after bariatric surgery does not allow the skin to shrink down to the new shape. This is not only unsightly but also creates problems with hygiene, sports or finding fitting clothes.

Dr. Reuter as a both board certified general and board certified plastic surgeon has a unique understanding of both your bariatric and plastic surgery procedures. This enables him to realize your original shape hidden under hanging skin.
As a Plastic Surgeon in Austria Dr. Reuter worked for many years performing body lifts on a nearly daily base for patients referred from one of the biggest bariatric surgery centers in Europe.

Lower Body Lift addresses abdomen, thigh and buttocks in one stage. Tightening these tissues improves cellulitis, dimpling and the pulling up of the pubic area restores a more youthful appearance.

On the down-side this is only possible with long incisions, a longer operation and recovery. The incision can be hidden under clothing and with proper swim suits.
In a staged body contouring procedure the posterior belt lipectomy is performed after the abdominoplasty.

How is the operation performed?
After marking the skin/fat areas to be removed and lifted the incisions are then placed under General Anesthesia. Dr. Reuter prefers to gently mobilize the fat tissue with laser liposuction. At this point localized fat depots can also be removed. Once the excess skin/fat is removed non removable sutures anchor to the deep tissue preventing the scar from moving into visible areas. Small drains are always inserted to remove any fluid collection as soon as possible.

What is the recovery?
Most patients will stay 2-3 nights in the hospital. Your bed will be positioned with the chest up and early walking is encouraged. For optimal results pressure garments should be kept on for 6 weeks. Light anaerobic activity can be resumed after 2-4 weeks.

What are the Side Effects and Complications?
Due to the large area operated swelling and numbness in the area are normal and may take month to settle fully. Fluid might be accumulating (seroma) and aspirated with a needle. Infection, delayed wound healing or skin loss may occur initially. The Surgeon will discuss with you all imaginable complications as well as solutions to them.

An extensive liposuction will work only if you have excellent elastic skin. Thigh and buttock lifts can greatly improve your shape, but are limited to specific areas. A full abdominoplasty will give you a tight belly but will do nothing for skin folds extending from your back to the flanks.

Cost of body lift?

Price of body lift inclusive 2 night hospital stay, OT fees, garments is  range from 75-80.000 AED depending on the need of additional liposuction.